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A cycling track in Bhopal
Caught up in the traffic jam for long hours and an agonizing wait for short-distance commute for the public transport system in Mumbai, one of the busiest place in India, Raj Janagam,...
A bus accident
The 31st road safety week 2020 is over. Once more, India's dubious record on road safety was the front and centre of the conversation. The country, unfortunately, has the distinction of...
A vendor selling flowers | Photo by Sankalpa Joshi from Pexels
Globalisation vs ‘Right to the city’ Over the years, economic policies and strategies adopted for sustainable urban development had resulted in a persistent unequal distribution of income and...

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Civic-ism: The Exigency, Design and Urgency for Civic Innovation

Technology - designed by a few, ingrained in the lives of a billion. There is no escaping the tremendous impact it has created in modern-day living.

India’s Tryst With Designing Pedestrian-Friendly Streets

Streets have been our oldest social spaces which connected diverse areas of the city, creating multiple spaces for communal activities and points for interaction along the way. With an increase in the growth of private vehicles and automobiles, streets were no longer seen as public spaces, rather, just a medium to traverse through, in order to get to your destination.

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