Urban Voices is a news and views platform dedicated to “cities for people”. Urban Voices raises issues, amplifies the voices and documents best practices on urban issues at local, state and national levels.

The platform is dedicated to urban art to culture, mobility to design, transport to sanitation, planning to governance, innovations to urban management initiatives. Urban Voices is growing as a destination on civic & city issues for news, views, analysis and opinions. Urban Voices has received Connect Karo 2016 Award from World Resource Institute(WRI), USA.

The Five Pillars of Urban Voices


Raise Voices for issues that concern the health, happiness and sustainability of the city and its people. 

Draw attention to potential local and global solutions to these problems.

Educate readers about pressing Urban & environmental issues & challenges and make an overwhelming topic relatable and comprehensible. 

Empower readers with a perspective covering aspects of the issues and challenges in front of us. 

Play a vital role in a sense of hope and agency, and spurring the collective action required to tackle a challenge of this scale and importance.