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Kumar Manish

Kumar Manish is chief communicator of Communicate Karo. He specializes in Communication, social media and community building for not for profit organisations and sustainable mobility advocate. He is a connector and resource Mobiliser for social causes. He is a TEDx speaker. He has been selected as a Legislative Fellow of the US State Department. Kumar is also a Young Connectors of the Future from South Asia by Swedish Institute, a public agency of the Swedish Government. He is also the recipient of Connect Karo Award by the World Resources Institute.

the ultimate climate change good stories checklist from across the globe

Climate reportage can get overwhelmingly negative or ‘doomy-gloomy’ (as I like to call it) sometimes, selectively covering natural disasters, rising...
and July 2, 2022

bengaluru introduces the first live bicyle counter in the city

Build bicycle lanes and people will cycle, a global mantra of bicycle-friendly cities from Copenhagen in Denmark to Paris in...
April 27, 2022

comic strips becoming nudge for behaviour change in tamil nadu

Comic strips with relatable animated characters are 'nudging' children and the community in the urban slums of Tamilnadu to adopt...
February 17, 2022

decade old ahmedabad’s dhal ni pol gets a new life

Community participation & participatory planning in heritage conservation is the key to preserve & conserve the living heritage. In a...
November 20, 2021

sweden to host world environment day 2022

The Government of Sweden will host World Environment Day (WED) 2022 in partnership with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). The year...
November 18, 2021

‘cycle fights climate change’ projections in glasglow ahead of cop26

Meet the machine that "fights climate change" lights up iconic locations in Glasglow, an idyllic city known as Scotland’s cultural...
October 28, 2021

declare january 11 as national pedestrians’ day: citizens demand

A national coalition of NGOs has launched a nationwide campaign in India to demand that the Government of India should...
October 12, 2021

story of public bicycle sharing in india from beginning

Caught up in the traffic jam for long hours and an agonizing wait for short-distance commute for the public transport...
December 24, 2019