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Jasmine Singh

Jasmine Singh is an architect and urban planner, passionate about building inclusive cities and sustainability. She has been working in the field of urban planning, design, master planning, housing and infrastructure for more than a decade.

urban india caught up in parking muddle

With low car ownership of 22 cars per 1000 inhabitants, India is expected to touch 35 cars per 1000 inhabitants...
March 14, 2021

urban planning in india need ‘rethinking’ & ‘retrofitting’ in covid19

COVID19 has come in our lives as a blizzard unaware. In the last six months of the year 2020, we...
October 2, 2020

making cities safe for women by design

Time and again, any horrific crimes against women bring up the argument ‘How safe are our cities’. What follows is...
January 12, 2020